Personalized Instruction The Key to Student Achievement Second Edition

"Many components of this personalized instructional approach (student learning style assessment, advisement, goal setting, flexible scheduling, formative assessment, variable instruction, etc.) have shown great potential to increase achievement in the present NCLB environment. If we are truly interested in 'No Child Left Behind,' we need to revisit the personalized model."-Timothy L. Schaap, president, GAINS Education Group, Schaumburg, IL

Personalization of learning and instruction is the most critical issue facing contemporary education-not state testing or vouchers or even aging schools. Personalization is an attempt on the part of a school to take into account individual student characteristics and needs and flexible instructional practices in organizing the learning environment. This book presents the conceptual rationale for personalizing instruction, provides twenty working strategies to assist schools in redesigning themselves for personalization, and cites specific examples of personalization in the subject disciplines and in selected schools. This second edition expands the discussion on personalization, updates the sections on instructional strategies, assessment, and grade reporting, and cites new developments in the disciplines and in the schools.

This second edition includes additional discussion about the nature of personalization and updated chapters on Strategies and Tactics, Assessment and Progress Reporting, and Personalizing the Disciplines.

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Publication date: February 2008
Pages: 248
Size: 6 x 9
By James W. Keefe and John M. Jenkins