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23000 116TH Avenue, Maple Ridge, BC V0R 2P0
Telephone: (604) 467-9081; Web:

Principal: Dennis Tjernagel (

From its inception in 1992, Thomas Haney has implemented a personalized approach to instruction. This 8-12 school of approximately 1,000 students emphasizes student self direction. The grade eight transition program prepares students for a continuous progress, individualized approach to education in grades nine through twelve.

The facility was constructed from specifications that support self-directed learning. Various learning environments facilitate students working alone, in groups, and in close proximity with teacher consultants for specific academic subjects. Thomas Haney is a member of the Canadian Coalition of Self-Directed Learning.

High school students meet with their teacher-advisers each morning and afternoon. The advisers assist students in completing their daily and weekly planners, which provide direction for students as they work individually and in small groups. Learning guides are developed for each area of the curriculum. Students complete the guides at their own pace -- within realistic time constraints --completing tests when they are ready to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the objectives contained in the learning guides.

Achievement test results based on academic standards adopted by the provincial government show that students at Thomas Haney do as well as if not better than students of other British Columbia high schools.

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