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777 South White River Parkway, W. Drive
Indianapolis. IN 46221
Telephone: 317-226-3048; Web:

Principal: Dr. Christine Kunkel

The Key Learning Community is a K-12 public school serving 450 students. The school opened in 1987 as an elementary school committed to implementing the theories proposed by Howard Gardner, Mihaly Csikszenmihalyi, Ernest Boyer, and David Feldman. It gained international notoriety for its application of Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. The curriculum was designed for all students to explore all eight areas of intelligence, as identified by Gardner, and then build upon the strengths revealed by each student. The success of the K-5 school prompted an expansion to the middle level and later to the high school.

The school culture focuses on project learning at all levels. K-8 students are responsible for creating an independent project each semester to coincide with school wide themes. Eighth grade students participate in a community mentor program based on their expressed areas of interest. High school students complete a community experience each of their eight semesters based on Boyer’s seven virtues and human commonalities. They are assisted in this process by their teacher-advisers who remain with the students throughout their high school careers. High school seniors participate in a community apprenticeship program based on their career interests.

Emphasis is placed on intrinsic motivation and lifelong learning. Students are helped to see that what they are experiencing in the school curriculum adds quality to their lives. Video portfolios constructed on each student provide teachers and parents with first-hand data regarding student progress. Four parent-student-teacher conferences are scheduled each year to share this information and to redesign a student’s program as necessary.