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3200 Kennedy Road, Scarborough, Ontario MIV 3S8

Principal: Mr. Frank Piddisi

Mary Ward is a co-educational secondary school under the jurisdiction of the Toronto
Catholic School District. The school is a member of The Canadian Coalition of Self-
Directed Learning (CCSDL) which is dedicated to the personalization of learning.
CCSDL schools believe that learning flourishes in an environment where learners are
able to control and direct their own learning

The school emphasizes individualized learning and self-paced progress. Students
complete individualized agendas to guide their daily, weekly and monthly activities.
Each professional member of the faculty serves as a teacher-adviser to a finite number of
students and assists students in constructing their agendas. Each student’s academic
progress is carefully monitored by the teacher-adviser.

As a result of the unique learning environment at Mary Ward, students learn about
individual responsibility for learning, the value of time management, the importance of
meeting commitments, and the affirmation of the multicultural and multiracial dimension
of the school community.

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