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1563 Page Street, San Francisco, CA 94117-2098
Telephone: 415/626-1125

Mark Salkind, Director

The Urban School is an independent high school serving 260 students. Independent thinking is emphasized with all students using lap top computers to access and create information. Technology is viewed by the faculty and staff as a means to enhance a student’s education and not as an end in itself.

The school year is divided into three twelve-week terms with students enrolled in four courses each term. Most classes are 70 minutes in length with one class per week of two hours. A student’s weekly schedule includes time for meeting in groups and individually with their teacher-advisers. The flexible schedule also includes a consultation period for students to meet individually with academic teachers as needed.

A four-year program of service learning is tied to the developmental needs of adolescent students. The city of San Francisco is viewed as a resource rich in primary source material and infinite possibilities for direct experiences. Community placements for all students are fundamental to the school’s mission.

Narrative evaluations for each student in each course are completed every six weeks and mailed home. Grades are used for transcripts and college admissions but are not available to students and parents throughout the school year.

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