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School Design

The process for designing or redesigning a school is basically the same as the process for designing anything else. Our society has been reasonably successful in developing and manufacturing highly sophisticated products but less so in designing complex social and political systems — like schools. With few exceptions, schools have not been designed. They have just evolved from earlier forms of schooling, with little or no thought given to the validity or relevance of the organizational structures and programs. The Learning Environments Consortium International proposes that schools interested in systematic improvement must first become learning organizations and develop their own School Design Statements, with carefully written specifications for the design components. School design applies systems thinking to the process of school renewal.

A School Design Statement consists of :

* Three Basic Components

  1. Mission and Vision Statements
  2. Culture and Climate Statements
  3. Student Goals and Outcomes

* Eight Systemic Components

  1. Curriculum and Instructional Program
  2. Instructional Techniques
  3. School Structure and Organization
  4. School Leadership, Management and Budgeting
  5. School Staffing and Staff Development
  6. Communication and Political Structures
  7. School Resources, Physical Plant and Equipment
  8. Evaluation Plan

* Specifications for each Component.

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